Slack for CMIO Launch Support

Calling all physicians, trainees and learners supporting Wave 1 launch activities!

The CMIO portfolio is using "Slack" for launch support, internal team communication and rapid knowledge exchange.

What is Slack?
Slack is an Internet-based collaboration tool that can be used on desktops (slack.com) and all mobile platforms as a dedicated app (iPhone, Android, etc.). Slack brings communication, consulting and collaborating together in one place.

What is Slack to CMIO?
The CMIO portfolio has set up a Slack workspace (ahscmio.slack.com) dedicated to support of Connect Care physician informatics activities.

Teamwork in Slack happens in channels — a single place for messaging, tools and files — helping everyone save time and collaborate together. These conversations are divided by channels as well as direct messages to help streamline our work by combining all communication into one app rather than via text, email, docs, and etc. and accessible at computers as well as on phones. We have set up channels to facilitate those supporting Wave 1 launch.

How to Join?
You can join the CMIO Slack workspace through a simple link and easy process:

  • ahs-cis.ca/slackinvite
  • If not already a Slack member, then provide an email address, confirm via email, and create a username and password.

Key Slack Skills

CMIO Orientation 
We’re currently orientating our MILs and SUs to the tool. Folks are organizing conversations based on clinical departments.