Resources for Super Users and Area Trainers on Launch 8 Support Issues

To access support information on common issues arising post-launch, there are two easy options:

Get MS Teams, join "Launch 8 Support"

  • For Connect Care Launch 8, the CMIO will be using Microsoft Teams as a platform to support communication among Trainers, Super Users, resident Super Users, and CMIO staff. A comprehensive "Launch 8 Support Team" has been created and has been populated with Channels for each specialty training track.
  • To use MS Teams for launch support, navigate to Launch 8 Support - MS Teams
    • Once there, you can post a question, say hello, or respond to an existing discussion.
    • For mobile access, download the MS Teams app from your app store. 
      • Tip: Those using personal computers/laptops (including MacOS) will find the MS Teams web app is the preferred option, as the desktop application may not work. It is easiest to access the web app through teams.microsoft.com, or through AHS Outlook (use the Teams Call button on the top task bar, decline when it asks you to open Microsoft Teams, and select the “Continue on this Browser” option).
    • Note: Access to AHS Teams, like Outlook and the suite of Office 365 apps, requires two-factor authentication using the MS Authenticator app. More information can be found at: Multi-Factor Authentication User Guide.
Subscribe to the Connect Care "Support" and "Bytes" blog channels
  • New posts are emailed to after they are published.
  • Support channel has:
    • Hot topics – a list of common issues that have been flagged (e.g., dose ranges, printer mapping), posted daily for the 1st week after launch and then weekly for the remainder of launch support.
      • These posts include links to relevant support information (e.g., Connect Care Manual page, tip sheet, blog post).
    • Alerts on new/fixed/improved Connect Care functions (e.g., new SmartText).
  • Bytes channel has general update posts for Connect Care end users (e.g., downtime notices, launch support changes).
  • To subscribe, go to the blog channel and enter your email address in the ‘Follow (subscribe)’ box, found under the ‘About’ blurb on the right-hand side of the screen. 
    • Note: You have to subscribe to each channel (e.g., Bytes, Support) separately. 
    • Tip: Use your preferred email address to make sure you see new posts when they go up.
  • For further support, also subscribe to the Tips and FAQ channels:
    • Tips channel has daily postings, starting with simple and progressing to more advanced suggestions about how to get more from, and enjoy, Connect Care use (e.g., series on Problem List management).
    • FAQ channel records issues arising, with suggested workflows, from prescriber use of Connect Care.