Super User Development Session #11 - User Support Tools

We've previously posted about the current series of Super User Development Sessions offered in the weeks leading up to Connect Care Launch 5 on November 6, 2022.

The last of the series will be integrated into the Super User all-day boot camp that runs November 4, 2022, and is facilitated by David Pincock, Tom Rich, and Steven Turner. The boot camp will focus on launch supports and tools that Super Users can leverage to help Launch 5 users. 

The first session of the day (orientation) will be at 09:00-10:00. Orientation will be followed by track-specific breakout sessions; each breakout session will cover the top items a Super User needs to know, as well as provide a forum for asking questions and an opportunity for demonstrations. All sessions will be held on Microsoft Teams and recorded. 

Participants are encouraged to check related resources:
Participants may wish to review past presentations, available via:
Questions and requests for Microsoft Teams links can be directed to cmio.cez@ahs.ca.