Twitter Parodies Vent Physician EHR Frustrations

A recent Internet "happening" involves spoof Electronic Health Record (EHR) vendor twitter accounts exposing attitudes that frustrated physicians project onto EHR vendors. Parody accounts for two of the biggest companies include:
The phenomena is explored in a recent editorial:
Though tongue-in-cheek, the tweet-storm is important for medical information lead reflection. The tweets resonate with physician concerns about increased screen time at the expense of patient and personal time. 

We recognize that a wide range of pressures affect informational burdens, and frustrations, among our American colleagues. We have committed to digital information management strategies -- including shared notes, charting by exception, lean order-sets, and speech recognition -- that could free up clinician time for what matters most. We also recognize that EHR harms-reduction demands radical change from typical paper-based workflows. Change management, not computer technology, is our challenge. 

Best to anticipate frustrations in order to better help our colleagues win informational efficiency!