eLearning: Introduction to Epic in Connect Care

Medical informatics leads, clinical knowledge leads and other clinical informaticians may be interested in a new self-directed e-learning opportunity on MyLearningLink (mylearninglink.ahs.ca).

"IT Introduction to Epic on the AHS Platform" provides an overview of the Connect Care initiative through an information technology lens. We know that Epic Systems software serves as the core integration engine for the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS). But some of us may still struggle with constructs for how Epic relates to CIS functions, Connect Care offerings, and other information systems that, together with Epic, comprise the CIS.

The introductory curriculum describes integrative requirements and why Epic was chosen to address them. The different modules of Epic technology are defined and described. How modules support continuum of care functions is explained. Clinicians who have already completed the physician introduction, Power User or Builder courses may have covered much of the content. Still, it is useful to review the purpose and acronyms associated with the Connect Care Epic infostructure.

Anyone can self-register. Completing the curriculum can take as long as an hour. Go to MyLearningLink and search for courses with "Connect Care" in the title.