eLearning: Super User Overview

Connect Care clinical informaticians, including physician leads, medical informatics leads, knowledge leads, power users and builders need to understand how Super Users will contribute to training, implementation and optimization. Indeed, many informaticians will take on Super User roles themselves. Even those without an explicit Super User assignment can benefit from exposure to the coaching and mentoring skills learned by Super Users as we prepare for the stresses of first launch.

An eLearning course entitled "Super User Preparation" is now available on MyLearningLink. This should take no more than 30 minutes for a Connect-Care-aware clinical to review. A perusal is strongly recommended.

The self-directed learning is available to all. It includes useful Epic modules with practical tips for dealing with new users during and after training. Different phenotypes (enthusiastic, apathetic, grumpy, difficult, etc.) are explored.

The course is complementary, not compulsory. You can send feedback to ConnectCareSuperUser@ahs.ca.