Readiness Thinking: Command Centre Participation

A "Command Centre" will be established to activate at a Wave launch and then remain responsive for 4-6 weeks post-launch.  This virtual centre ensures that the right leaders and supports are in easy and continuous contact during the time of greatest transitional strain.

All affected by launch are represented in the Command Centre, with 24/7 responsiveness. Physicians leaders will be accountable to the physician population, as well as coordination needs related to other clinicians and stakeholders.

The CMIO portfolio has specific responsibility to ensure that daily physician huddles are organized and that empowered physician leaders are available for trouble-shooting.  Preparation tasks include:

  • Prepare for all relevant meeting schedule, agendas, and communication processes at launch for physicians.
  • Prepare physician/ACMIO rounding processes during launch
  • Schedule Physician resources for Command Center time period 24/7
  • Assign rounding physician SuperUsers, MILs and ACMIOs
  • Prepare for running and supporting daily physician huddle
  • Prepare for peri-launch communication strategy
  • Prepare for end-user forums, help and sharing strategy (and social media tools)
  • Anticipate and work with physicians who may resist system adoption
  • Anticipate and enforce no-training-to-access policy
  • Continually promote personalization

Good to be thinking of these needs now. Anyone who would like to contribute to the leadership needs, please get in touch with cmio@ahs.ca