Changes to Access for Pre-Production Connect Care Environments

There is an important change to how Connect Care physician-informaticians (medical informatics leads, design leads, super users, trainers, builders, etc.) access the emerging clinical information system (CIS) in support of demonstrations, training, validation and other activities.

The "Production" (PRD) and "Pre-Production" (POC, SBX, PLY, TRN, TST, etc.) environments, until today, were access through a Citrix portal (with differences for intranet and external access). As of today, Production and Pre-Production environment access diverges. We rapidly approach the time when end-users will be using the "unified access portal" (UAP, or "myapps") to gain access to all Alberta Health Services (AHS) clinical information assets. These include Connect Care as well as Netcare and legacy CISs (e.g., eCLINICIAN, SCM, Meditech). Today's changes are part of that preparation.

To keep things stable and simple, we continue to provide user-friendly shortcuts for physicians:
Also note that the Physician Handbook (handbook.connect-care.ca) will continue to have physician tip sheets addressing topics like access. The Handbook is intended for our physician informaticians (leaders, superusers, area trainers, CSD participants, etc.). A new Physician Manual will be released soon, in time to address physician-specific support needs for users.