Citrix Virtual Machine Settings Restored

As previously shared, there were changes to AHS Citrix virtual machine configurations on August 30 which impacted important clinical workflows. Changes included disabling of clipboard, file management and printer selection functions.

We understand that the Citrix settings are restored to prior norms and that any related issues will be explored. This means that Connect Care CIS environments (DMO, SBX, PLY, PRD, POC, TST, etc.), as well as eCLINICIAN environments, should function as previously.

Remember that access through unified access portals also changed on August 30 and continues. See the linked tip sheet and remember the links provided for physician informatician convenience:
Physician design leads and ACMIOs are asked to invite medical informatics leads to test these functions when demonstrating, validating, testing, etc. and bring any issues to the attention of the CMIO portfolio (mip@ahs.ca).