Connect Care Access Portal in Production

Previous postings have alerted Connect Care medical informaticians to changes in Internet links used to gain access to pre-production and production clinical information system (CIS) environments.

The Unified Access Portal (UAP) has stabilized and is now in production. This involved final tweaks to the UAP addresses used when connecting from inside and outside the Alberta Health Services (AHS) intranet firewall.

For those who have used CMIO physician shortcuts, there is nothing to change. For those who have used prior UAP Internet links, as of today (Sept 13, 2019) myapps.ahs.ca goes to production and uat-myapps.ahs.ca goes to pre-production, with the same links active on and off the Intranet. "mystore.ahs.ca" and "uat-mystore.ahs.ca" are no longer supported

We continue to provide simple shortcuts that always direct to the correct access portal. These can be simplified even further: