Key Messages as Launch Looms

As we near the launch of Connect Care in November, interest across the organization is growing. So too is general anxiety about how the launch and transition will go. All clinical informatics protagonists have a role to play in supporting clear messaging about what to expect during and after launch:
  • Together, we’ve been building a much-needed bridge between information, healthcare teams and patients. Thanks to your efforts, patients will be able to access to their AHS medical records through Connect Care’s patient portal, while all healthcare providers across AHS will have a central access point to up-to-date patient information.
  • Connect Care is all about improving patients outcomes and experiences. It provides common decision-making support for clinicians to ensure all our physicians and frontline staff have access to the same clinical standards and best healthcare practices. 
  • Connect Care is complex and so is its rollout. There will be thousands of issues as we transition – some will be urgent; some not. We have plans and supports in place to address these issues and ensure they don’t affect the high-quality care we provide to patients. At the same time, we know there will also be hundreds of thousands of things that go better than expected.  
  • Putting Connect Care in place will take time. We need to be ok with this. Resolution times for issues will vary. Sometimes solutions will require multiple steps and, in the end, won’t be perfect. We will get to where we need to be over the weeks and months ahead. 
  • Stay positive for your teams and our patients. Even in our most frustrating moments, we need to encourage each other and never share our frustrations with our patients.