Connect Care Training Progress - and Needs

We continue at peak Training activity while rushing to ensure that physicians are prepared for Wave 1 launch 3 weeks from now.

There are notable accomplishments:
  • 89% of ~3,225 Wave 1 prescribers (physicians, residents, nurse practitioners, etc.) are registered for basic and personalization training.
  • 83% (2,753) have completed basic training and 35% have confirmed proficiency assessment completion (we are aware of many that are complete but not yet credited).
  • 15% of prescribers have already completed personalization training.
  • All medical learners have completed basic training.
  • 54 Area Trainers and 194 Super Users deliver on our commitment to have prescribers train prescribers.
We need help from the medical informatician community with some remaining gaps (please contact ConnectCare.PhysicianTraining@ahs.ca with suggestions):
  • Still looking for Area Trainers in Addiction & Mental Health (1), Inpatient Admitting (5).
  • Still looking for more Super Users in Addiction & Mental Health (11), Cardiology (1), Surgery (5)
A huge thanks to all the training team and all the prescribers who have been generously contributing at odd, and very long, hours.