Where's my SUP?

The SUP instance of Hyperspace is a copy of PRD and so valuable when working through problem scenarios brought to us by users. It contains actual patient data. It can be used to test complex workflows, without actually altering any production records.

It is important that physician informaticians retain access to SUP.

There was a bit of a hiccup when SUP was removed from regular users. Post launch, it is no longer needed and it was causing some error when users were documenting in SUP instead of PRD.

The recent change caused all favoriting of SUP to disappear. So, if you had marked SUP as a favourite, you might think that your access was removed. You can re-favourite.

The other source of confusion is that SUP has been moved to the Training folder. Look there before reporting that you have lost access.

Let us know (CMIO@ahs.ca) if you have truly lost SUP access and we will ask (again) for it to be restored.