Connect Care and AHS Travel Restrictions

Recently, travel restrictions have been implemented across Alberta Health Services and this has generated concern about how Connect Care needs are to be addressed. While Connect Care is aligned with AHS’s overall fiscal constraint, the project is at a critical stage when launch preparations, post-launch troubleshooting, training and other needs require direct face-to-face interactions, especially when these activities directly impact clinical practice.

Connect Care will approve travel expenses, as before, when these are necessary to the successful completion of the project. Examples include:
  • To train for an approved Connect Care role when training must be in-person;
  • To support end-user communities where in-person interaction is needed (e.g., equipment, space or shadowing or where hands-on technology access is essential);
  • To trouble-shoot and intervene with high-risk, high-stress, or escalating challenges where in-person discussions and expertise could more effectively remediate;
  • To support end-user groups through new challenges (e.g., first scheduled downtime);
  • Where new technology is being introduced and the support expertise comes from another location.
Patient care and safety, along with the needs of staff and physicians, is at the forefront of all planning decisions for Connect Care. The successful implementation of Connect Care remains an organizational priority.

Thanks for your understanding of the need to be vigilant about both the effectiveness and efficiency of interactions requiring travel.