Documentation Quality Improvement - Work Packages #1 and 2 in SUP for Clinical Testing

Documentation Quality Improvement work packages #1 (Medication SmartTools) and #2 (Identity SmartTools) are now in the SUP environment and ready for testing by interested Builders, Super Users and other clinical stakeholders. Testing in SUP is available 09:00-23:00 weekdays this week only.

The last slide in the presentation handout (see the linked work packages) contains instructions for testing. In brief:

  • Medication SmartTools
    • Open patient chart(s), start a documentation note (any type, but progress note is easy for testing) and then try to replicate a post-admission, inpatient, discharge and outpatient context.
    • Inpatient
      • Open a chart from a patient list for current inpatients.
      • To replicate an admission context, consider selecting an ED patient and initiating an admission with the admission navigator. Do admission medication reconciliation, being sure to review home medications. Then test the MedList SmartLinks (use ".DQIMEDLIST") SmartPhrase.
      • To replicate an inpatient context, select any current inpatient.
      • To replicate a discharge context, select any current inpatient and use the discharge navigator to access discharge orders and perform discharge medication reconciliation. Then test the MedRec SmartLinks (use ".DQIMEDREC" SmartPhrase).
      • NOTE: are aware of a problem with medication reconciliation reports where the dose frequency is not specified. This issue is fixed with an update to the Epic software coming in June 2021. The listing of a discharge med list (take home meds) mitigates this problem when combined with the flagging of meds (by name and form) that have changed, stopped, started, continued.
    • Outpatient
      • Open a chart and select an outpatient encounter, which you may need to reopen through the "addend" workflow.
      • Check the current med list, then test the MedList SmartLinks (use ".DQIMEDLIST" SmartPhrase).
    • Provide feedback via: Medication SmartTool Survey.
  • Identity SmartTools
    • Open any chart and then experiment with demographic (patient preferred/affirmed name) and SOGIE SmartForm (accessed by clicking on gender information in StoryBoard) values while using ".DQIIDENTITY" SmartPhrase to test relevant SmartLinks and SmartPhrases. 
    • Note that it will be necessary to switch from the SOGIE form to a different activity (then back again) to refresh the SOGIE values before retesting with DQIIDENTITY by deleting the former note content and re-entering the test SmartPhrase.
    • Provide feedback via: Identity SmartTool Survey.