Connect Care Clinical System Design Toolkit Now Available

The “Connect Care CSD Kit” (csdkit.connect-care.ca), an online toolkit for Connect Care Clinical System Design (CSD) stakeholders, is now available in a new eBook online format that resembles the workings of the Connect Care Clinician Manual (manual.connect-care.ca) and Connect Care Builder Handbook (builders.connect-care.ca).

The Connect Care CSD Kit gathers resources (such as templates), work packages and guidance to support CSD activities (such as Continuous Improvement) for Area Councils, Specialty Workgroups and their support units. 

The Connect Care CSD Kit replaces the retired “CSD Support Kit” and it will continue to guide CSD activities going forward.

Questions, requests for additions and corrections, and alerts to any broken links, are welcomed. Please contact the Chief Medical Information Office Editorial Board (cmio-manual@ahs.ca).

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