Clinical System Design Priorities During Connect Care Wave 4 Launch Pause

From the Connect Care triad (Penny Rae, Debbie Pinter, Jeremy Theal)...

As you know, Connect Care project work has temporarily paused to allow physicians and staff from all areas of AHS to support COVID-19 priorities.

AHS’s approach to Clinical System Design and Build is clinically lead. As Area Council members and our project teams are redeployed to meet COVID-19 priorities, the types of work that we can successfully complete will, by necessity, shift to reflect the availability of clinical and operational subject matter experts. 

Over the next several weeks, our Connect Care design and build teams will prioritize work as follows:

  1. COVID-19 – Teams will continue to prioritize SME time to design and build revised order sets, clinical guidance, decision supports and patient education materials in support of AHS’s COVID-19 response. Build teams will also manage the system changes needed for surge capacity.
  2. Urgent Request (Break Fix) Tickets – Teams will continue to address tickets across all specialties where the issue indicates a potential patient safety or care risk. In all cases, CSD and Build teams will obtain the best available clinical guidance to inform the solution, and will report back to Area Councils for oversight when regular meetings resume.
  3. Future Waves – Teams will continue to prepare for upcoming Waves by addressing design and build items that do not require clinical guidance or where clinical guidance has already been provided. Future Wave work also includes making sure that our analysts complete Epic recertification prior to Wave 4 launch.
  4. CSD Integration – Design and Build teams will work together to integrate design, content and build processes and tracking, including integration of research build processes.
  5. Continuous Improvement Requests – In limited circumstances and only where SME and project team capacity exists, teams may be able to consider design items for previously prioritized continuous improvement requests. If you believe that your Area Council has the capacity to continue this work, please reach out to your CSD Coordinator or Secretariat to discuss.  

We sincerely thank each of you and your committee/council members for your support of AHS’s COVID-19 response.  We know that this means that some anticipated work will be delayed; please rest assured that we remain committed to addressing CSD priorities and look forward to resuming this work with you once COVID-19 pressures ease.