Builder Master Class: Interaction without Distraction

On behalf of the Connect Care Builder Program, we would like to invite clinical informaticians who are part of the builder and analyst communities to participate in an upcoming Builder Master Class. Through these builder-lead sessions, we explore tools available to certified Connect Care Physician and Clinician Builders and analysts. 

The March 23, 2022 session will be facilitated online from 1600-1700 by Dr. Rob Hayward. 

The session will illustrate how "EpicACT" links can be used to provide Connect Care users with easy access to needed information without breaking clinical workflows. On-demand information and activities can be integrated into common tasks in order to spare users from having to go elsewhere in the chart or to know how to update infrequently accessed data. 

The emphasis will be on functional flows uniquely enabled by EpicACT links. Resources explaining how to achieve such effects will be introduced. Topics include:

  • Examples of interactive workflows
    • Interactive orders
    • Interactive documentation
    • Interactive sidebars
  • EpicACT syntax
  • EpicACT categories
  • Using EpicACT specifications without links
  • Interactive link resources

Connect Care builders and analysts are welcome March 23, 2022, 1600. The session recording and resources can be found at: