Acknowledging Fears and Leveraging Hopes

Many in the Connect Care informatics community have noted increased anticipatory anxiety among clinician colleagues as Wave 1 launch nears. The timing is unfortunate, as there has been a crescendo of negativity in the American press about Electronic Health Records.

We've always believed it best to acknowledge clinician fears; indeed to study, categorize and validate those fears. This has helped us design Connect Care with harms reduction in mind. This also builds credibility as we surface a world of positive benefits associated with CIS use... and so promote adoption keyed to clinician hopes.

'Fears and Hopes' were the theme of a recent presentation at an Edmonton Zone wave 1 launch event. Key sections were recorded and streamed in a series of bytes.connect-care.ca postings. You may find it helpful to review the 5 fears and 5 hopes, building these ideas into your own conversations and presentations.