StoryBoard User Interface Enhancements

'StoryBoard' (previously referred to as 'StoryLine') refers to a set of user interface enhancements appearing in Epic's February 2019 software update. Connect Care has elected to fast-track this upgrade, as it affects training scripts presently under development. Accordingly, all those involved in design, configuration, testing and training need a quick re-orientation to the Hyperspace (desktop) Epicare experience.

StoryBoard has been under development for years. Extensive testing with other clients shows that common user requests have been addressed. Workspace screens are easier to recognize and navigate, fewer clicks are required to complete common information flows, and screen real estate is used more efficiently.

StoryBoard represents a fundamental change to the clinical information system (CIS) user experience. The former workspace 'header' moves to a more functional left column and the former left-sided activity tabs move to the top of the screen, automatically sorted by frequency of use. The StoryBoard (new leftmost column) highlights, in a consistent way, who the patient is, what the encounter is about, what has happened recently and which actions might be most relevant. Mouse-overs bring the next layer of information to the foreground, allowing much of chart review and action to happen without switching screens.

A short (3 minute) video clip (Epic) highlights three goals: 1. tell the patient story, 2. avoid screen jumps, 3. make better use of space. A short UserWeb (Epic) article explains the rationale. Our own demonstration further illustrates the user experience.