Feedback Requested: Connect Care Charting Etiquette Norms

Charting Etiquette is an important protective against note-bloat, chart clutter and poor signal-to-noise ratios in clinical documentation.

ACMIOs, Provincial Informatics Leads, Medical Informatics Leads and Clinical Knowledge Leads are asked to consider our newly roughed-in Connect Care Charting Etiquette Norms. Are these directionally correct for clinician-users of the Clinical Information System?

Please give a quick read using the link below. Related materials (Charting Principles, Minimum Use Norms, User Charter) have been updated to harmonize with Charting Etiquette and so are also linked below.

Please send any substantive suggestions or concerns using the comment box below, or via email to Debbie Pinter.

Lacking significant protest, we will work with communications experts to render an attractive Charting Etiquette brochure and provide this to clinicians as part of their training.