Using Connect Care Tracker Visualizations

The Connect Care Tracker (“Tracker”, ahs-cis.ca/tracker) is a collaborative workspace within the Alberta Health Services (AHS) SharePoint environment. It offers a single place to record, allocate and track the many decisions, issues and requests that may arise during Clinical System Design (CSD) of the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS). It is especially important now that CSD validation is underway.

As the number of tracked decisions grows (many thousands), stakeholders may value focused views highlighting decisions pertinent to specific clinical areas. Most Area Council and Specialty Workgroup collaborative workspaces (ahs-cis.ca/committees) have links to niche Tracker spaces.

A Connect Care Tracker summaries and visualizations dashboard (ahs-cis.ca/trackerviews) provides additional ways to see, at a glance, how CSD validation is progressing. Diagrammatic summarizations appear in a “Connect Care Tracker” workbook. Note that access requires a valid AHS username and password. The following Tip sheets can help physicians who wish to use and get overviews of the Tracker during validation activities.