JIRA Harmonization Project - Impacts for Connect Care Designers and Builders

Participants in Connect Care clinical system design and build work will want to know about a recent initiative that will soon affect how design and build activities are tracked in "JIRA". 

"JIRA" is the name of an enterprise software tool published by Atlassian. The system is designed to facilitate software development, bug tracking, issue resolution and project management. AHS uses this platform to support a wide range of information technology processes, including clinical content design for Connect Care.

To date, continuous improvement requests for Connect Care have been logged and managed in multiple JIRA projects; some of these project focus on clinical system design while others track application build and operational supports. Unfortunately, separating these domains has resulted in some duplication of items and inconsistency of documentation. Moving forward, all Connect Care improvement requests are handled similarly, using consistent processes that are followed consistently by governance, design, technical and operational stakeholders. The "Connect Care JIRA Harmonization Project" consolidates intake, assessment, workload estimation, governance review, stakeholder approvals, prioritization, build, implementation and change management tracking. The first phase integrates the following previously independent JIRA projects:
  • CSI Register
  • CSD Clinical Documentation
  • CSD Clinical Knowledge Topics
  • CSD Foundational Knowledge
  • CSD Inquiry Support
Once the newly harmonized Continuous Improvement Register project is launched in JIRA, early in 2022, it will over time become the home for all continuous improvement requests across all Connect Care teams (including communication and training). A JIRA Harmonization Working Group defines documentation standards, workflows and required fields. New user training and support resources will be available at  launch.

In preparation:
  • Data review and clean-up continues in the five phase 1 JIRA projects to prepare for migration of their contents to the new consolidated project, emphasizing closing completed tickets and removing inter-project duplicates. 
  • Identify and reconsider any alternate tools that may be used by specific groups to track Connect Care improvement work, as these should all move to the harmonized JIRA instance.
  • Contact ConnectCare.JIRA@ahs.ca with questions about the transition.
  • Handbook: JIRA