JIRA Harmonization Project - Change Freeze February 28-March 8, 2022

We've previously posted about an upgrade and reorganization of the "JIRA" project management tool used by builders and clinical system designers to support their Connect Care work.

Preparations have progressed and launch of the new JIRA implementation occurs March 8, 2022. This becomes the single repository for intake, tracking, assessment, prioritization and project management for enhancements and optimizations of the Connect Care clinical information system.

A change freeze, from Monday February 28 to Tuesday March 8 will allow the final integration steps to proceed. The following projects will be available in a read-only state during that time:

  • Connect Care CSI Register (CSIR)
  • CSD Clinical Documentation (CSDCD)
  • CSD Clinical Knowledge Topics (CSDCKT)
  • CSD Foundational Knowledge (CSDFK)
  • CSD Inquiry Support (CSDIS)

No new tickets can be entered, and no existing tickets can be modified during the change freeze.

Please direct questions to: ConnectCare.JIRA@ahs.ca.