Updated Connect Care Bridges for Patients & Providers Bytes

Alberta Health (AH), Alberta Health Services (AHS), the Alberta Medical Association (AMA) and other stakeholders continue to deliberate how best to bridge digital health record divides in Alberta.

Connect Care will ease the work by fully integrating health information wherever AHS is responsible for the record of care. However, many primary care and specialist clinics will continue to use independent electronic medical records, or even paper-based processes. A variety of "bridging" services will help to cross the divide between the Connect Care record and non-Connect Care records.

We are gradually updating Connect Care communications to fit our emerging understanding of stakeholder-endorsed bridging strategies. This can help conversations between Medical Informatics Leads and clinician communities. Alerts to new versions and locations will be posted here.

The following 'Byte' 1-pager has been revised:


Connect Care Bridging Solution Presentation Materials Domesticated

We previously posted about updates to presentation materials (in the presentation repository) about Patient and Provider Bridges (portals). As of today, these are further updated to include screenshots with Connect Care colour and branding; as the source is now the AHS configuration instead of Epic Foundation Hosted.


New Portal Information and Handouts

We have updated backgrounders, bytes and overviews that describe Connect Care patient and provider portals.

There are sensitivities about the relative positioning of Netcare and Connect Care portal offerings. While strategic planning continues, we suggest referring to the Connect Care portal functions as "bridging" services. The idea of a bridge is more consistent with Connect Care visual metaphors. It also encompasses a broader range of capabilities and more clearly grounds the services as part of clinical relationships enabled by a clinical information system.

Content changes clarify what the bridges are configured to support, without committing to what we will be supported to deploy.

Please use the following, remember to work from the online versions, and retire any older handouts:


New Presentation Template - Connect Care Timelines

A new Connect Care Vlog posting gives a short introduction to Connect Care stages, sequencing and start-up timelines, with links to the Connect Care presentation repository where a slide template can be downloaded for further use.


Moving Physician Training Forward

Connect Care success will pivot on effective physician training, competency and, over time, proficiency. All members of the medical informatics community have a role to play. This needs to be a priority in the coming months

Although we are currently recruiting for Physician Area Trainers, we'll soon be seeking Super Users and already need help reviewing training curriculum content.

Some new presentation materials are available in our repository. Consider the video (10 min) and how you can promote training engagement opportunities to physicians in your communities.