Dragon Medical One and Hyperspace

As discussed at the April provincial medical informatics lead (MIL) retreat, we are very happy to have begun testing "Dragon Medical One" (DMO, Nuance's voice recognition and digital transcription solution for the cloud) within the Connect Care implementation of Epic Systems software.

Please get in touch with cmio@ahs.ca if you are a MIL and would like to participate in the testing. We have applied to free up as many preview licenses as possible for this group. A tip sheet is in the works to help you get started and an intake email for problem reports is coming soon.

DMO works in conjunction with Hyperspace to facilitate easy voice recognition for dictation, user interface navigation, activity commands and text automations. All require some user-investment in recording personal preferences and text-hotkey-command sequences.

A different Nuance product brings additional functionality to the Haiku mobile environment. "Epic Voice Assistant" works a lot like Siri (Apple devices) or Alexa (Android devices). The user can ask questions, such as "who is my next patient" and the assistant will line up both an answer and the best mobile activity for taking next steps.

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