Clinical Content Validation - Next Big Push

Validation is about how clinical experts review, correct and approve clinical information system (CIS) content (documentation, decision and inquiry support) to ensure that it serves the intended purpose, is free of significant safety risks, and is compatible with acceptable workflows.

Although content validation applies to documentation (e.g., note templates, handover reports, etc.) and inquiry (e.g., dashboards, reporting workbench templates, etc.), formal validation processes focus on complex clinical decision supports; especially Order Sets, Order Panels, SmartSets, Therapy Plans, Express Lanes and Protocols. All validation is informed by Connect Care principles and is organized for meaningful clinical input.

Clinical content validation begins when content is built and ready for review. Many validation activities started in early 2019. However, the bulk of complex clinical decision supports validation occurs in May, June and July of 2019. Outpatient orders (SmartSets) must be validated by end of June, while some inpatient Order Set validation will continue through the end of August 2019. The content most needed for training curricula is prioritized for earlier validation.

Area Councils, medical informatics leads, clinical knowledge leads and clinical informatics leads, plus a number of other stakeholders, are oriented to validation processes; allowing us to ramp-up and address this next readiness challenge over the next few months.