SBX now the Preferred Validation Environment

Medical Informatics Leads, Knowledge Leads and other clinical informaticians play important roles facilitating clinical content validation sessions. These ramp up right now.

Many have access to Proof of Concept (POC), Playground (PLY) and Demonstration (DMO) hyperspace environments. These differ by when they are updated and what information persists from refresh to refresh.

A new environment is available to all clinical informaticians. "Sandbox" (SBX) is the preferred hyperspace instance to use when preparing content validation activities. All MILs, KLs, Builders and clinical informaticians should use their usual access credentials (username, password).

Please follow these instructions to confirm that access and shift validation preparation work from POC and PLY.
  1. Logon through Connect Care unified access to your list of available applications:
  2. Add SBX to your favourites:
    • Find the "Apps" banner link and click on it.
    • Seek the "SBX" application and click on "Details".
    • Select the button for making SBX a favourite.
  3. Go to the Favourites banner items, select it, then launch the SBX environment and logon with your usual user name and password.