Invitation to Participate in User Acceptance Testing - Connect Care to Netcare

In anticipation of Connect Care launch this fall, the Alberta Netcare Portal (Netcare) will be updated to ensure that:
  • Laboratory and diagnostic imaging tests ordered and resulted in Connect Care will be viewable in Netcare
  • Approved care summaries (e.g., discharge reports, consultation letters, some progress notes) generated in Connect Care are shared and viewable in Netcare
  • Health care events (e.g., emergency visits, admissions) occurring where Connect Care is the record of care are included among events listed in Netcare
These functions will undergo robust technical testing, assuring completeness and accuracy. In addition, clinicians need to know that the right information is displayed in the right way in the right place.

We seek physician volunteers willing to participate in User Acceptance Testing (UAT) sometime between August 19 to 30, 2019. Testing involves following a script at a time and place convenient to the physician, with an expectation of about 30 minutes time investment. UAT participants are given clear instructions about how to access the testing system, suggested scenarios to guide testing, and means to record and report any issues encountered.

Physicians with interest or questions please contact: