Demonstrating Connect Care - Start with the Big Picture

Medical Informatics Leads (MILs) increasingly are called upon for just-in-time demonstrations of the emerging Connect Care clinical information system (CIS). With first launch soon upon us, this is more than understandable.

Development of demo skills is helped by getting the big picture; a walkthrough of a representative patient journey, end-to-end. We've previously posted about the first large Walkthrough Event where our own Connect Care ecosystem got its first comprehensive viewing. Check out the "End-to-End Patient Journey" demo to gain perspective on how different CIS modules integrate for a coherent patient experience.

Most MILs, ACMIOs, Physician Design Leads, Knowledge Leads, Trainers and Super Users have access to either "Sandbox" (SBX), "Demonstration" (DMO) or "Play" (PLY) hyperspace environments. See the tips below for updates about how to access these environments both from within and without the AHS intranet. Any work well for demonstrations.