Clinical Content Stability pre-Launch

August 2, 2019 brought us another massive accomplishment... completion of specialty Clinical System Design (CSD) build. A huge thank you to all CSD participants!

We are thrilled that 99% of tasks were fulfilled, with the remaining few waiting on things like medication checks. This allows specialty content validation to progress and keeps us on track the November 2019 Wave 1 launch.

Specialty CSD focus shifts to validation, training and change management. Our clinicians and experts are re-mobilized to ensure that what is built matches what was intended. And the build team must juggle other build tasks with fixes flagged through validation.

Stability is our new target. Training and readiness work (e.g., workflow walkthroughs, patient journey reviews, etc.) needs solid clinical content. Accordingly, the Connect Care team cannot act upon new specialty requests until when post-launch CSD optimization initiates about 4 months from now.

Of course, some clinically essential content may have been missed. And all good content design ideas need to be recorded. Every effort will be made to address critically important missed content pre-launch. However, all CSD requests must be presented, considered and approved through Area Councils and Specialty Workgroups. Their support units continue to ensure that requests are well characterized, then entered to the Connect Care Tracker. Pre-launch, wave-1-essential requests must also be reviewed and cleared by the CCC coordinating support unit (CSU).

Validation of content continues through August and September. Launch-ready content is then locked down until CSD optimization starts post-launch. Again, this is critically important to training and readiness deliverables. All medical informatics leads and other prescriber leaders are asked to support this need.

Please relay any questions to ccc-suppport@ahs.ca