Oops! Accessing pre-production Connect Care environments

We previously reported about changes to the unified access portals (UAP) that physician informaticians use to find and launch the clinical information system instances set up to support training, demonstration, validation and other pre-launch activities.

We have since edited the preferred links and tips for physician informaticians. There have been problems with security certificate registration and this has meant that Intranet access to pre-production environments has not worked for some physicians.

A work-around is available. To keep things easy for busy demonstrators, we support the (temporary) fix for Intranet access through the user-friendly shortcuts maintained by the CMIO portfolio for physicians. There is a link for when computers connect to the Intranet, and another for locations outside the reach of the AHS Intranet. Once everything settles closer to launch, be assured that we will get down to a single link that works everywhere.