Which CIS Environment is Which?

It is exciting to get ever more exposure to what the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) will look like at launch. Along the way, we are called upon to work in a variety of CIS "environments". Each has a specific purpose, and properties suited to that purpose.

Our eHealth Glossary has been updated to include definitions of all the CIS environments that may be encountered by clinical informaticians. Each acronym (e.g., PRD, SBX, PLY, etc.) is defined together with information about the groups who have access, and under what conditions. The following link pulls environment definitions from the glossary:

Current and upcoming readiness activities typically use the following environments:
  • Training
    • Basic --> ACE, EXAM
    • Post-Basic practice --> PLY
    • Personalization --> PRD
    • Preference card build --> PRD
  • Abstraction and Cutover --> PRD
  • CIS to eCLINICIAN interface --> REL
  • Data Conversion --> REL, TST
  • Readiness
    • CORe Day --> TST
    • Patient Movement Day --> TST
    • Shadow Charting --> SUP
    • Cutover Practice --> SUP
    • Workflow Dress Rehearsal --> PRD