Area Trainer Opportunities for Waves 2 and 3

Connect Care will launch at several Calgary and Central zone sites in May 2020, and it is time to get ready!

There are opportunities for new physician Area Trainers, a role that has proven exciting and rewarding to physicians who currently help with Wave 1 preparations. Area Trainers deliver Connect Care training while also promoting transformation and clinical improvement at launch.

We've previously posted about Physician Area Trainers. Interested clinicians benefit from exceptional clinical information system orientation and change management coaching. Stipend-supported, Area Trainers can use the role to supplement their usual clinical activities, play a pivotal role at Connect Care launch and positively impact health care in Alberta. Area Trainers are critical to the success of Connect Care, and will champion the initiative in their teams.  There will be an opportunity to extend the role to subsequent waves of Connect Care in the zone.

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