New Physician Workgroup focuses on Clinical System Design optimization

Post Wave-1-launch and Pre Wave-2-3-Launch, we recognize some areas meriting more physician input and representation. One relates to all the clinical documentation tools (in-place as well as anticipated) that physicians navigate in a typical workday.

Core Clinical System Design (documentation, decision and inquiry supports) issues that apply across all clinical areas are managed by Connect Care committees, with all the CSD-related committees reporting to the Content and Standards Committee. Specialty CSD works primarily through Area Councils.

Clinical documentation tools have a big impact on physician clinical information system (CIS) experiences. This is a time when existing tools can be simplified and streamlined; while emerging tools can learn from Wave 1 lessons.

A new physician working group for core documentation CSD will parallel an existing Nursing and Allied Health working group, meeting for approximately an hour biweekly for the next number of months. Example issues include optimal use of flowsheets, forms, navigators, communication templates and text automations.

We seek physicians willing to join and contribute through the new working group that will ideally include clinicians experienced with:
  • Different practice contexts (e.g., ambulatory, inpatient, etc.)
  • Some cross-experience with Area Councils
  • Some cross-experience with Zone medical informatics lead activities
  • Liaison with professional bodies (e.g., CPSA)
Please contact Echo Enns with volunteers or nominations.