Launch 6 Planning - Report Development Scope and Planning

The following message if of importance to Area Councils and Specialty Workgroups participating in clinical system design.

The Connect Care Business Intelligence - Reporting Support Team is looking to finalize report development scope for Launch 6. To that end, we are reaching out to Area Council Co-Chairs and ACSUs to ensure that we have captured any outstanding Launch 6, launch-critical reporting needs in your areas. Launch-critical reports = reports that are essential for making day-to-day operational decisions at launch and six weeks beyond. 


Please be assured that work has been ongoing to gather Launch 6 reporting scope and Operational Leaders have been engaged by the CORe Lead for Business Intelligence (the CORe Lead is Carrie Farnell) regarding Launch 6 reporting needs over the past several months. Please consider whether your area is launching any new departments in Connect Care with Launch 6 and subsequently, whether any new launch critical reports may be required that have not already been identified and brought to the attention of your Clinical Informatics Lead (CIL) representative.


If you are aware of any potential missing launch critical reports in your area, please submit a request to your CIL representative, no later than Oct. 14. Solange Pomerleau is the CIL for Medicine Areas (excluding Lumens).


In the interests of being proactive for future launches (7-9), please consider the following: 

       Are there any new departments in your area launching in L7-L9?

       If yes, consider if the new departments have any launch critical reporting needs

       Outside of the Area Council forums, the CORe Lead for Business Intelligence will continue to engage Operational Leaders as we progress through the Launches 


If you have questions, please contact us at: ConnectCare.SupportTeam.ClinicalInformaticsLeads@albertahealthservices.ca