Just-in-time Communications

We’ve all been feeling the summer heat… more Connect Care intensity than nice weather! 

As validation, training, readiness and implementation activities accelerate, clear communication can minimize chaos and confusion. There are way too many newsletters, SharePoint sites and Insite pages, agendas and minutes to follow.  

We are redoubling efforts to maintain a steady, but concise, feed of clinical content updates through blogging channels. All channels are listed in ahs-cis.ca/mdresources

All physicians interested in Connect Care should subscribe to the general-interest physician blog (bytes.connect-care.ca). Any clinician involved in Connect Care design, validation, training or readiness activities should follow the blog for informaticians (informatics.connect-care.ca). Those directly involved in clinical content validation should also follow the internal Clinical System Design blog (csd.connect-care.ca).

Please skim our blog tips for instructions about how to subscribe. This way you can get digests to your email and not worry about visiting the sites. 

Thanks for attending to this advice. We’ll keep the blogs going and rely upon the communications team to use them as source material for more formal Connect Care communications.