Continuing Improvement for Clinical Content

As other pre-pandemic activities resume across AHS, Connect Care wave implementation activities also resume.  Connect Care Area Councils and their Specialty Working Groups and Support Units re-engage by reviewing accumulated requests for clinical content improvements, including Optimization and Enhancement for decision, documentation and inquiry supports. A "Continuing Improvement Prioritization" work package offers process guides for defining, categorizing, prioritizing and allocating ongoing Clinical System Design (CSD) tasks. 

Medical Informatics Leads and other clinical informaticians are key to this important work and should plan for participation.


Area Councils and Support Units can get ready by:
  • resuming a regular meeting schedule;
  • deciding whether to set priorities at the Area Council or Specialty Working Group level;
  • allocating meeting time for request review and prioritization.


Area Councils and Specialty Working Groups will review and approve requests that proceed to a prioritization phase. They will also ensure adherence CSD process, validate any completed build, and they help guide change management processes. To prepare, these groups may want to:
  • confirm access to the right content experts for prioritization input;
  • communicate about upcoming work and timelines so that stakeholders and training teams can prepare;
  • anticipate any need for sub-working groups to guide related CSD tasks.


Watch calendars for meeting invitations, and watch the CSD Blogs (csd.connect-care.ca) for more information about continuing improvement processes.