Inclusive SmartTool Design

Alberta Health Services promotes toleration, inclusivity and respect throughout a patient-focused health system that is accessible and sustainable for all Albertans. Early in the Connect Care experience, we committed to protecting sexual and gender identity by addressing patients by their affirmed (preferred) name... and we expressed this with affirmed names in all user interfaces (e.g., Patient Storyboard, Chart Review Snapshot, etc.).

Post-launch, we discovered some Smart Tools (e.g., SmartLinks found in some SmartPhrases) defaulting to legal rather than affirmed name. Work is underway to close this gap.

Smart Tool stakeholders are asked to help identify any small subset of SmartText records where, for regulatory or other compelling reasons, the legal name should be displayed alongside an affirmed name. Such records, appropriately justified, must be identified and submitted by August 14, 2020.