Super User Development Session #4 - Interfacility Transfers, External Orders in Continuing Care, and Therapy Plans

We've previously posted about the current series of Super User Development Sessions offered in the weeks leading up to Connect Care Launch 8 on May 4, 2024.

This week's 1-hour webinar, on Tuesday April 9, 2024 (12:00, via Microsoft Teams), is facilitated by Marinus van der Westhuizen, with a focus on reviewing orders for interfacility transfers (IFTs), external orders in Continuing Care, and therapy plans.

Participants are encouraged to check related resources:
Participants may wish to review past presentations, available via:
Questions and requests for Microsoft Teams meeting links can be directed to your zone ACMIO team (North Zone: cmio.nz@ahs.ca; Edmonton Zone: cmio.ez@ahs.ca; Central Zone: cmio.cez@ahs.ca; Calgary Zone: cmio.caz@ahs.ca; South Zone: cmio.sz@ahs.ca).